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Industry Reviews
"...It's taking OSIM's Massage chair heritage and applying four discrete rollers to your aching spine."
"And if you want to be particularly comfortable, you can also lean back at a 145-degree angle in the uThrone."
"...It takes OSIM's massage chair legacy and applies four discrete rollers to your aching spine."
"…The OSIM uThrone brings real massage to your desk and gaming setup."
"The uThrone Gaming Massage Chair is a really excellent gaming chair that has an extraordinary unique selling point with its massage function."
"...the actual massage function does exactly what I needed it to, and feels like a luxurious thing to have as part of your gaming setup."
"The massage is exceptional : intense, strong, firm, it feels real..."
"If you’re looking for a stylish-looking office chair with the best massage functionality that money can buy, then the OSIM uThrone is a solid choice."
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