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How to Look Like You’ve Had 8 Hours of Sleep When You’ve Only Had 4

Woman sleeping on table, sleep deprived and looking tired

We get it. Life happens and getting 8 hours of sleep on some days just seems impossible.

However, just because it can’t happen doesn’t mean there won’t be any repercussions, and it’s extra noticeable when it comes to your skin. Dark eye circles, puffy eyes, and dull skin are just some of the effects of insufficient sleep.

Keep it up and you may be seriously permanent damaging your skin, leading to a loss of elasticity and increased dehydration of the skin. Over time, your skin may start looking much sallower and duller. It also weakens barrier function, leading to a higher chance of pimples developing, and no one wants that.

Thankfully, there are some hacks you can use to escape looking like a zombie for the day ahead! Who knows, your colleagues may even start asking you for skincare tips.

    1. Massage maketh skin

    Woman massaging her face with fingertips

    When there isn’t enough shut eye, it triggers a stress response, causing more cortisol to be released. This results in more inflammation and swelling. In simpler terms, your face will puff up when you wake up in the morning.

    A quick massage in the morning can do wonders for your face by helping to release tension and de-puff the area. Not only that, but it helps increase circulation, bringing a rosier flush to your skin.

    Not a fan of a manual massage? The uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush’s chrome-finish ball tip helps by gently massaging skin while also emitting warmth to soothe tense facial muscles.

    2. Get the gunk away

    Woman using OSIM uGlow IonCare to clean skin for more clear skin

    Insufficient sleep impairs your skin’s ability to get rid of oils, dirt, and dead skin cells to repair itself overnight, leading to much duller skin. Opting for a gentle exfoliator for the first step of your routine can effectively help get rid of unwanted particles and boost absorption of the next skincare steps Don’t slough off your skin with a harsh, physical scrub though, which can cause micro-tears and aggravate your tired skin further.

    Use a gentle cleanser such as the uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device instead! With gentle circular motions, this device emits positive ions to attract negatively charge impurities out of your skin, leaving it stress-free, cleaner, and more radiant.

    3. Hydrate to the high heavens

    Serum dispenser being applied onto skin, hydrated skin

    A lack of sleep causes skin’s moisture levels to take a huge hit. That’s precisely why your skin looks so drained and lifeless after a bad night!

    Get that glow back by piling on the hydration. If you’ve got the time to spare, go for a hydrating mask. If not, slap on some hydrating serums — hyaluronic acid in particular does wonders for plumping up dehydrated skin.

    Switch over from Cleanse Mode to Nourish Mode instead and the uGlow IonCare will emit negative ions to push quality skincare ingredients deeper into your skin. This effectively boosts your expensive skincare products to its optimal level, leaving your skin more hydrated and nourished from within. For tough mornings like these, you’ll need it more than ever.

    4. Give your eyes a boost

    Woman using uGlow Eye to massage eyes, reduce eyebags and dark eye circles

    They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and when you’ve had insufficient sleep, your eyes will be the first to show. Puffy eyes and dark circles are all common punishments when you’ve had a rough night and insufficient sleep.

    The uGlow Eye Eye Massager combines LED Light Therapy and Sonic Vibration Technology to target common eye concerns.

    Customisable to your requirements, the uGlow Eye emits 3 different coloured lights:

    • Red LED Light Therapy (620 – 630 nm), penetrates deepest into the skin and helps to reduce fine lines and firm up the eye area
    • Yellow LED Light Therapy (585 – 595nm), targets beneath the skin surface and lightens dark circles and increases skin cell reproduction for a smoother eye area
    • Blue LED Light Therapy (465 – 470nm), aims at the upper most layer to soothe irritated skin and dampens oil production.

    Not only that, but this nifty gadget also releases more than 8,000 pulses a minute, gently encouraging blood circulation as well as increasing eye cream absorption. It’ll leave your eyes looking fresher and brighter!

    Couple these with the adjustable warmth function, and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe to save tired eyes.

    Pro tip: keep your eye cream inside the fridge for an extra layer of relief. You can even use the uGlow Eye as a mini massager to buffer against any tension headaches you might face throughout the day. Just set it to 43°C 45°C helping to relax tense muscles, and massage away!

    5. Seal the deal

    Woman using uGlow Mist to hydrate skin with ultra-fine mist

    If you’re fond of morning showers, slapping on a hydrating serum or toner right after you step out of the shower helps to seal in moisture and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Plus, skincare absorbs better on damp skin. Get that glassy, glazed look with an additional layer of hydration after your moisturiser with the uGlow Mist Portable Facial Humidifier. Also perfect for hydrating on-the-go, as and when your skin feels dry.

    You’ll love that it also functions as a portable charger AND a compact mirror, all-in-one. Talk about a hardworking product!

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