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Recreating Cassie from Euphoria’s Iconic Skincare Routine with Just Two Tools

HBO Euphoria Cassie Beauty Routine 4am Face Roller

Cassie Howard's 4am routine from Season 2, Episode 3 of Euphoria, is, simply put, iconic. It’s a moment that will go down in television history, having inspired many copycat videos, all trying to emulate the extensive routine. Of course, it’s only right that we do our take on it as well.

Cassie Howards Euphoria Massaging Face Beauty Tools Morning Routine

Credit: HBO

While Cassie’s routine might involve a lot of different massagers, we’re happy to report that you don’t need to have the same number of tools to get glowing, supple skin. With just two beauty devices, you can replicate her routine, albeit with a bit of variations thrown into the mix. 

So, wake yourself up (whether at 4AM, totally up to you) with a splash of cold water and get ready to go. 

Depuffing the eyes

Woman massaging eyes with uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager

Cassie starts her routine by applying hydrogel eye patches to the undereye area. The ones Cassie uses are from Peter Thomas Roth and are enriched with cucumber extract to impart a cooling, calming sensation and add a burst of hydration to the skin. 

You can go ahead with the eye patches, but we’ve got something even better: the uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager 

The skin under your eyes is very thin, so using excessive force can cause more fine lines and wrinkles. However, this nifty little thing doesn’t tug or pull at your skin, it instead uses pulses to gently massage the undereye area and boost blood circulation. It’ll also enhance the instantly leave your eyes looking much brighter and refreshed instantly. 

Another great reason to use it is the LED Light Therapy function. Light at different wavelengths hit the skin, rejuvenating and restoring from within. Plus, if you struggle with dark eye circles, these hydrogel eye patches won’t help long-term — they are good for depuffing and feeling nice, but that’s about it. 

On the other hand, Yellow Light Therapy hits the epidermis at around 585–595nm to promote skin cell regeneration, which can aid in eliminating dark eye rings. 

Massaging the face and everything around it

uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager Functions Sonic Pulse Technology

Next up is the maniac massage routine, as Sydney Sweeny calls it. Cassie uses an electric facial rollerT-shaped gold beauty barice rollerjade roller and gua sha stone to sculpt her face to polished perfection. The problem? Altogether, they add up to quite the pretty penny and even the experts agree that when it comes to facial massage tools, there is too much of a good thing 

What if we told you that the uGlow Eye can also replicate the same effects from all the massagers Cassie uses and more?  

Hear us out. This might just look like a little eye massager from the get-go, but you can also use it on the rest of your face. It releases up to an astounding 8,000 pulses a minute, effectively sculpting your face while also promoting blood circulation to give you a soft, rosy glow. Just move the massager in upward motions — the angled tip not only fits the crevices of your eyes, but also makes it easy to glide along the contours of your face. 

While it may not be gold-plated, it replicates the effects of the T-shaped gold beauty bar and more. Just switch to the Red Light Therapy (620- 630nm). The light is absorbed by the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, which in turn boosts cell renewal for fuller, lifted skin. 

Plus, unlike Cassie’s tools, this one is portable! It can easily be slotted into your bag for on-the-go relief. It doubles as a temple massager — great for when the exhaustion hits mid-afternoon in the office. 

Masking up

Woman using uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device

Before moving on to body care, Cassie also uses an eco-friendly, reusable cloth face mask to help lock in the hydration from her skincare products, which is a great idea. We’re all for less wastage!  

The uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device does the same thing, albeit a bit differently. 

First, apply your favourite serum. We recommend popping the serum in the fridge for an extra cooling experience. The ‘Nourish’ programme uses negative ions to not only speed up the rate of absorption, but also pushes active ingredients deeper into skin.  

Then toggle the ‘Warmth’ mode, which helps to relax your tense facial muscles (if you even have any leftover after the earlier massage routine!) and prevents premature wrinkles from forming. 

P.S. you can also use the ‘Cleanse’ programme at the end of the day to effectively draw out all the dirt, pollution, and sebum embedded in your skin. Simply pop off the ring cover, affix a thin cotton pad over the surface of the device, and put a generous amount of micellar water on the cotton pad. Positive ions pull out the negatively charged skin-deep impurities out for fabulously fresh skin. 

And voilà, you’re ready for the day.

Glow from deep within 

Make your skincare work harder for you with the uGlow Beauty Set, now available at a special price of €299,00 EUR. The uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager and uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device are also available at €99,00 EUR and €129,00 EUR respectively.  

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uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager 

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