uVision 3 Eye Massager


Out-recover your opponents & relieve digital eye strains with deeper sleep using the OSIM uVision 3 Eye Massager.

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uVision 3 Eye Massager

Relieve digital eye strain


Combat digital eye strain

Combining vibration and soothing warmth to help relieve everyday digital eye strain for healthier eyes.

Vibration massage

Improves circulation to ease the tension and fatigue around eyes. 

Soothing warmth

The soothing warm sensation provides maximum relief and deeper relaxation.

What is digital eye strain?

It is the physical discomfort you experience after more than 2 hours of screen usage. Signs include tired eyes, blurry vision or even headaches.

Targeted programs for digital eye strain relief

Tired eyes

Energizing vibration stimulates circulation around your eye area.

Sore, irritated eyes

Effects of vibration massage are amplified with soothing warmth.

Dry eyes

Warmth softens the meibum to improve eye moisture levels.


Soothing warmth that envelops your eye area, alleviating any tension and pain.

One-touch button

You can simply switch on and toggle between the different massage programs with just one button. 

Micro USB powered

Enjoy with peace of mind as you connect it to a power bank, avoiding built-in battery hazards and saving costs on disposable batteries. 

Light and portable

Weighing just 200g and being ultra-light, bring it anywhere and everywhere you go. 

See-through lens

Equipped with see-through lens, you can go on with your daily activities while relaxing your eyes. 

OSIM uVision 3 Eye Massager

Product Specifications

Measurements in CM  

uVision 3

Model Number:


USB Power Cord Length:
Approx. 1M

Gross weight - Approx.370g Net
Net weight - Approx. 200g

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uVision 3 Eye Massager

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