uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager

Reverse those visible first signs of aging around your eyes with the OSIM uGlow Eye. Its Sonic Vibration Technology diminishes eye bag, fine lines and dark eye circles to restore the youth in your eyes.

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“... … these devices are our best bet for a pampering beauty treatment in the the comfort of home.”

"The beauty of this range is that the devices all work effortlessly with our existing skincare products - whether it's a cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream or moisturiser ... And makes it better."

"... these devices are a worthwhile investment to add to my home facial routine. It covers many aspects of a professional facial ... from deep cleansing, product penetration enhancement and LED light therapy functions, to eye massaging features and a misting system ... skin is softer, smoother, bouncier and brighter after a 30-min home facial routine"

"...比起其他美容仪,uGlow 的价格非常大众化,让你轻易在家做 facial

Translation: Comparing to other facial/ beauty devices, the OSIM uGlow Series is affordable and can bring you a spa-level facial treatment in the comfort of your own home.

uGlow Eye

Brighter and younger-looking eyes.

Addresses These Common Eye Concerns

Eye bags & Puffiness

Massages and eases swelling

Aging Skin & Wrinkles

Moisturize, massage and eradicate fine lines for youthful skin

Dark Eye Circles

Relaxes tense muscles around eyes with warmth

Beauty Eye Massager

Tackle and diminish the first signs of aging like fine lines and dark eye circles.

OSIM uGlow Eye targets 3 major eye concerns 

  • Eye bags 
  • Wrinkles & fine lines
  • Dark eye circles

Sonic Vibration Technology

More than 8,000 pulses per minute to simulate micro-tapping motions that promote eye cream absorption for younger eyes. With 3 adjustable intensities to suit your preference.

Warmth Therapy

38°C - 42°C: To soothe tired eyes, improve blood circulation
43°C - 45°C: For temple massage to alleviate tension headaches

LED Light Therapy

Blue Light:

Helps to reduce puffiness in the eye area as well as fatique.

Yellow Light:

Promotes skin cell regeneration which helps in eliminating dark eye rings.

Red Light:

Stimulates the production of collagen proteins. With more collagen, your skin will appear fuller with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

How To Use OSIM uGlow Eye

Apply cream
Apply your favourite eye cream or eye serum.

Turn on the OSIM uGlow Eye and customize temperature and LED light.

Use for 30 seconds around the eye contour, repeat on other eye.

Tips On How To Clean & Store OSIM uGlow Eye

Clean massage head surface after each usage of the programs, with a soft cloth or wet tissue. Clean body with a soft cloth or wet tissue.

After cleaning, wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Store in a cool and well-ventilated area. Do not store OSIM uGlow Eye in rooms with high temperature and humidity.

Glow on the Go

Perfect for the modern ladies, the OSIM uGlow Eye and OSIM uGlow Mist fit perfectly in your handbag for your on the go beauty needs.

Beauty massage everywhere

A vibration massage from the OSIM uGlow Eye Sonic Vibration. An on-the-go facial lifting for V-shaped face & brighter eyes.

All-day moisture boost

Maintain facial hydration anywhere with the OSIM uGlow Mist which doubles up as a portable power bank.


uGlow Beauty Series

Your essential 4-step beauty routine for healthy glowing skin

uGlow IonCare

Step 2: Cleanse and nourish your skin from within with your favourite skincare product.

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uGlow Mist

Step 4: Give your skin extra hydration.

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uGlow Cleanse

Step 1: Wash away all surface dirt and makeup.

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uGlow Eye

Step 3: Boost your eye cream effects and give yourself a soothing eye massage.

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How to use how long does it take to charge the OSIM uGlow Eye?

For first time usage, please charge the product for at least 8 hours using the USB cord provided. After the first charge, you will only need to charge the device for approximately 2.5 hours which would then last for at least 2 hours of usage.

  • While charging, the battery level indicator will blink
  • When the battery is full, the battery level indicator will be full and will stop blinking
  • When the battery is low, the empty battery level indicator bar on the LCD screen will flicker for 10 seconds before automatically turning off

To power on uGlow Eye, press the power button for 3 seconds. To turn off the device, simply press the power button again for another 3 seconds. When switched on, the uGlow Eye will be at the default setting of:

  • Warmth at 38°C
  • ‘Low’ vibration
  • Red LED light therapy

To toggle through the different programs, press on the Warmth therapy button for the Warmth therapy program. To adjust the temperature of the Warmth therapy program, press the Warmth therapy button again to your preferred temperature. Please note that the Warmth therapy program can only be adjusted between 38°C to 45°C.

Press the Light therapy button for the Light therapy program. To alternate between the different LED colour settings, simply press the Light therapy button again to your preferred LED light.

To adjust the vibration intensity, press on the power button to choose between the 3 intensities - low, mid and high.

Why can’t I just use my fingers to apply my eye care products?

The skin around the eye area is very sensitive and by using fingers, you might unconsciously tug and pull at your skin. The 8000 pulses emitted mimics a professional eye treatment and instead of having to manually move in a circular motion, all you have to do is glide the device across the skin to reduce visible signs of aging, dark circles and puffiness.

How long should I use the LED light therapy for?

It is recommended to use the LED light therapy for 3-5 minutes in each area.

OSIM uGlow Eye

Product Specifications

Measurements in CM

uGlow Eye

Model number: 

Auto timer: 
15 minutes

Adapter output (USB cable input):
5V - 1A

Gross weight - Approx. 0.177kg
Net weight - Approx 0.042kg

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uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager

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