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Bring These Portable Massagers Along for Your Next Getaway

Packing luggage for holiday, portable massagers

Travel is finally resuming proper after what seemed like forever. Bring along one of these portable massagers before you jet off to your next destination so that you can avoid any nasty muscle aches that may ruin your holiday fun. 

    1. uCozy 3D Neck & Shoulders Massager 

    Man sitting in car using uCozy 3D portable massagers for on-the-go relief

    Road trip through Europe in plush comfort with the uCozy 3D. Eight ergonomically designed massage nodes, four big and four small, are ready to work on sore muscles at the touch of a button.  

    Whenever you’re feeling stiff, pull up along a scenic spot, enjoy the view, and let the uCozy 3D work its magic on your neck, shoulders, back or anywhere you like! Its firm dual-direction kneading action provides deep tissue relief while its ergonomic design cradles you a snug and targeted massage. With a soothing warmth function to ease tension and get blood flowing, the uCozy 3D is the perfect companion for long car rides. It even comes with a handy car adaptor. 

    For your safety, please don’t operate the uCozy 3D while driving. 

    2. uMask Eye Massager

    uMask Eye Massager Vibration Massage Travel Friendly

    Skip the scratchy, low-quality eye masks they hand out on the planes.  

    Instead, experience better sleep quality in the skies with the uMask. Equipped with gentle vibrations to soothe tired eyes, this plush mask is made for comfort and will help lull you into dreamland. A contoured nose bridge effectively blocks out light from that annoying neighbour reading at 2AM, meaning no more being jolted awake! Plus, it comes with its own durable carry case that makes it extremely travel-friendly, ready for you to take on your next adventure. 

    3. uPulse Mat EMS Leg Massager

     uPulse EMS Leg Massager Product Image

    Prolonged periods spent sitting down can do some serious damage to your legs, and even more so when you can’t even stretch out and have limited space to move around. Get the blood flowing and avoid Economy Class Syndrome with the uPulse Mat. 

    Utilising Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), the uPulse Mat delivers bioelectrical pulses akin to those generated by our body to stimulate muscle contraction, stimulating and massaging muscles from within. It’ll stimulate blood circulation, so you can avoid that numb feeling you get from sitting down too long. You don’t even need to bend down it comes with a handy remote so you can use it without the need to bend down (a nightmare given the limited legroom, we know). 

    Ultra-lightweight and chargeable with a mini-USB, this mat was made for travelling with. It’s also great for muscle relief after long days of exploring the city. 

    4. uVision Air Eye Massager

    Woman sleeping with uVision Air better quality sleep

    If bedding is important to you, bad nights while on holiday are pretty much inevitable as you slowly adjust to your surroundings. In fact, research has shown that new, unfamiliar places confuse our brains, making it harder to sleep. This phenomenon is termed the First-Night Effect and affects most people. 

    Look your best, feel fresher, and sleep better with the uVision Air. The strategically placed airbags hit vital acupressure points, relieving tension and bringing respite to the user. With 3 different massage programmes, it not only helps with eye fatigue, but also can alleviate migraines and bring relief to dry, itchy eyes. You can also toggle its soothing warmth function, where a temperature of 40°C – 49°C to further enhances massage benefits.  

    Easily fold it and slip it into your handbag, perfect for taking with you on your next trip. 

    5. uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager

    Woman massaging temple with uGlow Eye tension headache relief portable massagers

    Experiencing tension headaches while in the air? Well, you’re not alone. Aviation headaches might be unavoidable, but you certainly can take steps to ease the pain. 

    The uGlow Eye may primarily be an eye massager to reduce eye bags and fine lines, but this handy little device also doubles as a mini temple massager. Besides emitting more than 8,000 pulses a minute, helping to increase blood flow and relive pain, it also has an adjustable warmth function to help ease tense muscles.  

    Remember to hydrate with the uGlow Mist Facial Humidifier, which also functions as an emergency portable charge (2000mAH) — cabin air is notoriously dry, and dehydration only serves to worsen your headache.

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