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Want to Be a Glow-Getter? Avoid These Skincare Mistakes

Want to Be a Glow-Getter? Avoid These Skincare Mistakes

Ever wonder why that elusive, glowing skin seems so close, yet so far? You may be may be sabotaging your efforts with these skincare mistakes.

Here's exactly what you should stop doing and how to fix it.

    Over-cleansing skin 

    Man splashing his face with water, washing face

    The problem: Are you washing your face more than twice a day or using too harsh of a cleanser? 

    It may be surprising, but yes, there’s such a thing as skin that’s too clean. 

    Over-cleansing will provide temporary respite to oily skin, but it also strips your skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and tightness in the skin. 

    In the long term, your skin will start to overcompensate for the lack of moisture by increasing sebum production, leading to more oiliness and setting your skin up for more breakouts. 

    The solution: Use a gentle cleanser suited to your skin type. 

    Skin types 


    Best cleanser to use 


    Oily t-zone (forehead, nose, chin), prone to large pores, acne, blemishes 

    Gel or foaming cleansers that help to lift debris and excess sebum off skin  


    Rough, flaky, sometimes scaly, often dehydrated, prone to fine lines 

    Creamy, milky cleansers that nourish skin without stripping oils 


    Oily t-zone and dry cheeks, the extent can vary based on the season 

    Light gel cleansers to pull excess sebum without stripping oils 


    Balanced, neither too dry nor too oily, does not experience skin troubles 

    Most cleansers work well with normal skin; but a light gel cleanser is a good start 

    The right cleanser for your skin type should take the specific qualities of your skin into account and work with these, not against them. 

    Limit yourself to washing your skin twice a day, though if your skin isn’t overly oily, washing it in the morning may not be necessary as well. 

    Looking for a more thorough cleanse? Enhance your cleansing experience with the OSIM uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush

    Employing OSIM’s GlowSonic Cleanse Technology, it pulses up to 6000 times a minute to give skin an effective but gentle cleanse. Fine-tip silicone bristles sweep dirt out from pores, all without being too harsh on your skin.  

    Not giving your serums enough time to absorb 

    Finger pressing dispenser to dispense skincare product lotion

    The problem: Does your skincare roll up into little balls when you’re applying it to your face? 

    Pilling, as it is termed in the skincare world, may be due to you not giving the product enough time to penetrate the deeper layers and fully absorb into your skin.  

    The solution: Allow product to fully “settle” into skin before continuing with your routine. One minute after serum application is a good rule of thumb. 

    If you can’t wait, the OSIM uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device harnesses the power of negative ions to push active ingredients deeper into your dermis.

    OSIM uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device

    Coupled with micro-vibrations, this action reduces the time in between that you spend waiting for products to absorb.  

    Talk about a lifesaver for busy people. 

    Using too many skincare products 

    Skincare routine flat lay skincare products displayed on a plate

    The problem: Ever heard the phrase “too much of a good thing”?  

    You don’t need a 10-step beauty routine to see the effects.  

    In fact, using too many products may result in breakouts. Certain skincare ingredients, such as retinoids and vitamin C, should not be used together as they can increase skin irritation.  

    With products these days being packed with every big skincare active out there, having a complicated routine makes it harder to keep track what exactly is in each product.  

    Determining the problem product would also be a hassle as you’d have to slowly eliminate each product until your skin finally settles. 

    The solution: Focus on depth, not breadth.  

    Create a core routine of a few basic products: cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturiser. Sticking to this simple routine will give far better results and reduce the chances of skin irritation. 

    Instead of increasing the number of products, you can pair your existing products with the OSIM uGlow Beauty Set to increase the efficacy of each step. 

    Tugging at your eye area 

    Woman massing her face during her skincare routine

    The problem: The eye area has the thinnest and most delicate skin on your face. 

    Being too rough with your skin can cause premature wrinkles to form and 

    The solution: Use light, gentle tapping motions when applying cream or concealer in the area. Instead of rubbing your eyes when removing makeup, use less force. 

    Lazy people, we've got you covered. With its smooth, chrome-based tip, the OSIM uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager minimises friction against the skin.

    Over 8,000 pulses a minute stimulate light tapping motions to help eye cream absorb, making eyes brighter and healthier. 

    Not using sunscreen while indoors 

    SPF 50 sunscreen sun on arm

    The problem: Think you’re safe indoors? Think again.  

    According to the American Cancer Society, most skin cancers are caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV rays), a type of light emitted primarily by the sun and certain man-made devices such as tanning beds. 

    UVA rays and UVB rays are the main types of UV rays that affect your skin 

    In general, UVB rays are more harmful to the skin, reaching the uppermost layer of skin and causing sunburns. However, UVA rays can also damage skin by destroying elastic and collagen fibres and accelerating ageing (loss of elasticity, wrinkles, sagging, get it). 

    Many people make the mistake of not applying sunscreen just because they’re indoors.  

    Unfortunately, UV rays can easily pass through windows and reach your skin, even if you’re not directly exposed to them. 

    The solution: Remember to apply sunscreen during the day, even if you’re staying home.  

    Leaving skin high and dry 

    Fingers scooping out moisturiser water-based moisturiser

    The problem: Many people neglect to moisturise their skin, especially if they have oily skin. 

    Moisturisers have emollient properties and act as a seal to keep hydration in, preventing your skin from drying out so it can maintain regular function throughout the day.  

    The solution: Always, ALWAYS moisturise! 

    Oily skin may benefit from water-based moisturisers as they are lighter and more breathable. You'll also have less oily skin throughout the day since they help regulate sebum production. 

    Adding a layer of hydration before moisturising can help your moisturiser absorb better and keep your skin hydrated for longer.  

    The ultra-soft, super fine mist emitted by the OSIM uGlow Mist Portable Facial Humidifier is absorbed by the skin instantly, penetrating deep into the skin thanks to its nanoparticles.

     OSIM uGlow Mist Portable Facial Humidifier

    Ever notice how skin becomes increasingly dehydrated through the day?

    This handy little compact can be brought around on the go for a quick burst of hydrations as and when needed.  

    Another reason to love it? It also functions as a portable charger for any emergency battery situations! 

    Picking at your pimples 

    Woman picking pimples

    The problem: This should be an obvious one.  

    Picking at your pimples not only introduces more bacteria to the site, but also pushes bacteria and pus deeper into skin, causing more trauma and increases the chance of scarring. 

    Plus, popping pimples may inevitably lead to more spots (no matter if your attempts are successful or not). When bacteria, oil, and debris are released from a pimple, they can spread into the surrounding and cause even more acne. 

    The solution: Don’t touch your pimples, period.  

    The bad news? To avoid any potential scars, there’s not much you can do. Aside from getting it popped professionally by an aesthetician, who has been trained for the task, or using salicylic acid and hoping for the best — it’s all about waiting it out. 

    The good news is that you can speed up the healing process by utilising the accompanying LED Light Therapy function in the OSIM uGlow Cleanse or the OSIM uGlow Eye. Both emits a blue light hits the epidermis between 465 to 475nm, helping to reduce oil and inflammation and kill acne-causing bacteria. 

    The road to glowing skin doesn’t need to be difficult

    OSIM uGlow Beauty Set Product Image

    Visit and shop the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series for more healthy, radiant skin.