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Struggle with Insomnia? Here’s How to Sleep Better at Night

Woman lying asleep in her bed at night struggling with insomnia

A good night of sleep is key to a productive day ahead.  

Aside from hampering productivity, sleep deprivation has been linked to conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and more. 

Getting in those 8 hours is not always so simple, though. The rigorous demands of modern-day life result in a myriad of sleep problems, such as insomnia. 

In fact, insomnia has been shown to affect more than 10% of the population across Europe, making it one of the most prevalent sleeping disorders.  

Although insomnia can be tough to cure, maintaining good sleep hygiene can help set you up for a better night ahead. 

    What is sleep hygiene? 

    According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep hygiene refers to the lifestyle behaviours and environmental conditions that facilitate sleep and improve sleep quality.  

    Originally developed as an intervention for insomnia, practicing good sleep hygiene can help set your body up for a better night of rest. 

    Key tenets of good sleep hygiene 

    Establishing a routine

    Large alarm clock on table top

    Our body works in cycles; most bodily processes are synchronised to a 24-hour physiological clock. The circadian rhythm, a natural process which determines when you wake up and fall asleep, is one of them.  

    Thankfully, altering your circadian rhythm isn’t difficult. Sleeping at the same time every day (yes, even on weekends!) can ‘train’ your body to feel sleepy. In fact, structured sleep cycles were shown to improve sleep and sleep times in those with irregular sleep. 

    Creating a conducive sleep environment

    Dark room with dim lights

    Continuous exposure to blue light can make it harder to fall asleep by tricking your brain into thinking that it is daytime. Depending on lifestyle and biological factors, certain people may also be more prone to the effects of blue light. 

    Make your sleeping area as dark as possible. Bright lights, such as fluorescent and LED lights, also contain blue light and are a no-no when it comes to bedtime. Use room-darkening shades or blackout curtains that prevent light leaks. 

    If that’s not an option, wearing an eye mask like the OSIM uMask Eye Massager to sleep can help block out any light. It even comes with a contoured nose bridge to fit the curves of your nose and prevent any light from infiltrating. 

    The OSIM uMask also comes with a gentle vibration massage that soothes and relaxes your eye muscles, as well as improves circulation around the eyes, reducing fatigue and strain. 

    Keeping your work area and your rest area separate

    Woman using her laptop while seated on her bed

    Since the beginning of time, the bed has always been associated with the act of going to sleep. 

    However, doing work from your bed weakens this mental association and may instead stimulate wakefulness, making it much harder to fall asleep. 

    Besides that, it’s also a nightmare for your back. 

    Opt for a proper workstation, with an ergonomic chair like the OSIM uThrone Gaming Massage Chair that’ll keep your back health in check. Besides being a dream to work from, the OSIM uThrone comes with a suite of massage programs that’ll simply lull you into total relaxation. 

    Saying no to naps (or limiting them!)

    Boy asleep on bed

    While short daytime naps are encouraged and can be a great pick-me-up in the midst of a long day, it can work against those who struggle with insomnia or poor sleep quality.  

    If you really must take a nap, keep it no longer than 20-minutes. This allows you to take a little rest, without entering the deeper phases of sleep. 

    Alternatives methods to help you fall asleep 

    If you’ve tried all the usual methods but are still struggling to get some shut eye, give these suggestions a go. 

    Light therapy

    Woman lying on bed asleep with the OSIM uGalaxy Eye Massager

    Give light therapy a go to help realign and improve your sleeping patterns.  

    Sleep and relaxation is made easier with the revolutionary OSIM uGalaxy Eye Massager. Besides a variety of relaxing massage features, it is also the world’s first eye massager with mood lights. 

    In fact, it's backed by leading physicist and mood light specialist, Anadi A. Martel. 

    Use its cool mood light function to calm your senses and to feel at peace while also pampering your eyes with a relaxing massage to release tension.

    Bad night of sleep got you down? Use the cool and warm mood light combination to awaken your senses, or the warm mood light to invigorate your mind. 

    In-built speakers deliver three unique music pieces, specially composed and curated to revitalise your mind and take relaxation further. With it's handy auto-timer function, we won’t be surprised if you fall asleep with it on. 


     Man relaxing with the OSIM uCozy 3D Neck & Shoulders Massager

    Stress can affect your body in many ways and make it harder to fall asleep, but a quick massage may bolster this. In fact, massage as a form of therapy was shown to be an effective intervention for those with insomnia as well as inducing sleep and improving sleep quality in ICU patients. 

    Of course, we don’t expect you to pop by a massage parlour every day, so why not get yourself an OSIM massager? You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a massage from the comfort of your own home. 

    The OSIM uCozy 3D Neck & Shoulder Massager has eight ergonomically designed massage nodes to dig deep into those knots and release tension from within. It can even be used on various body parts such as your back, thighs, and calves. 

    Humidify your environment

    Woman sleeping soundly uninterrupted rest 8 hours of protection with the OSIM uMist Dream Ultrasonic Humidifer


    Do you find yourself coughing through the night due to dry and stale air?  

    Utilising ultrasonic technology, the OSIM uMist Dream Ultrasonic Humidifier creates an optimal sleeping environment for rest. It creates a fine, soft, and most importantly, extremely quiet mist to enhance your sleeping comfort. 

    With up to eight hours of protection, it keeps your nasal passages and throats moist and allows you to sleep uninterruptedly through the night. 

    Achieve better rest with OSIM 

    The best of wellness and relief awaits at Experience better sleep quality today. 

    Featuring OSIM's signature V-Hand and Lumbar Massage Technology, the OSIM uThrone emulates the skilful techniques and flexibility of a masseuse's hands for an effective muscle pain relief making it your ultimate weapon for personalized comfort and prolonged gaming. 

    With ergonomically designed 3D massage nodes and firm dual-directional kneading action, the OSIM uCozy 3D provides deep tissue relief for body aches. 

    A world first; the OSIM uGalaxy is a new generation eye massager using scientifically proven mood light, music, warmth, airbag and vibration massage to relieve headaches, insomnia, bags and everyday eye fatigue. 

    Featuring Ultrasonic technology, the OSIM uMist Dream creates the ideal humidity level in the air to provide a hydrated, comfortable and healthier indoor environment for a good night's sleep.