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The Devil Works Hard, But This Facial Cleansing Brush Works Harder

uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush Gentle Cleaning for Brighter Skin

There are facial cleansing brushes, and then there’s the uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush. This innovative and multi-functional brush gives your skin an effective clean, and then some. Think along the lines of Facial LED Light Therapy and a warmth function that’s just perfect for a massage. Enjoy your at home facial with just one nifty tool. 

The uGlow Cleanse is your new beauty BFF, and here’s exactly why. 

It cleans your face better than your hands ever could

Cleansing is the most basic yet most essential step of any skincare regime. Grime, dirt, dust, and sebum accumulate on your face throughout the day, with the accompanying heat and humidity of summertime or the harsh, dry winters not making things any better. Not cleaning your face properly can clog pores, cause acne to develop, and can result in premature ageing. Yikes. 

However, a single cleanse is often insufficient to completely remove all the nasty residue off your face, which is why many skincare experts recommend double cleansing (the uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device is perfect for this, but we’ll get to that in another article). Your other alternative? Using a facial cleansing brush. 

The uGlow Cleanse utilises GlowSonic Cleanse Technology, with 6,000 pulses per minute for a fast but extremely effective cleanse. The ultra-soft bristles will really get into your pores to clear out dirt and impurities. Not thorough enough? The uGlow Cleanse comes with 3 adjustable intensities to suit your needs and preferences. 

No hate, but your hands could never.  

It prepares skin to absorb better 

Dead skin build-up can prevent active ingredients from properly penetrating the skin, making that expensive serum you just splashed on pretty much useless. However, over-exfoliating your skin is equally dangerous and can cause a broken skin barrier, which is altogether a different nightmare to deal with.  

Thankfully, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with the uGlow Cleanse. The brush supplies a gentle physical exfoliation which sloughs off the uppermost layer of skin to reveal fresher, brighter skin, preparing your skin for the upcoming steps.  

Lazy people will appreciate that it condenses the cleansing and exfoliation steps into one, but that’s not all the uGlow Cleanse has up its sleeve. 

It also gives a skin-relieving, relaxing facial massage

Life is stressful, we get it. Don’t let it get under your skin! Stress and anxiety throughout the day can make your face tense — a sure-fire recipe for more fine lines and wrinkles. 

Did we mention the uGlow Cleanse comes with a massage function, too? Relax your facial muscles with the chrome-finish ball at the base of the uGlow Cleanse. Just toggle the warmth function on and let the soothing vibration massage you away. It can also be used to open pores and increase skincare absorption for more effective skincare absorption.  

It's easy to hold

Unlike many silicone facial cleansing devices, the uGlow Cleanse is shaped like a brush. There’s a reason why, of course. Its ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to hold and manoeuvre around hard-to-reach areas like the sides of the nose for a more in-depth cleanse. 

It has LED Light Therapy to treat your pore-blems

uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush LED Light Therapy Treatment for Better Skin Skin Treatment

As if that wasn’t enough, the uGlow Cleanse also harnesses the power of LED Light Therapy. This treatment is popular in beauty salons and uses varying wavelengths of light to trigger the skin’s natural healing process and repair the skin.  

This is great for providing a spa-like treatment without needing to head to the spa. Plus, you get to end off your skincare routine with a bang.  

  • Blue LED Light Therapy (465 – 470nm): Reduce oil, inflammation and kill acne-causing bacteria
  • Yellow LED Light Therapy (585 – 595nm): Inhibit melanin production and increase skin cell reproduction 
  • Red LED Light Therapy (620 – 630nm): Stimulate collagen production, anti-aging effect 

It isn’t a one-time wonder, though. Multiple treatments are needed to see results, so remember to use each colour best suited to your target problem for 3–5 minutes a day to see a difference.  

It has dual-sized bristles

There’s nothing wrong with uniform, one-size-fits-all bristles, but why stop there? 

Thicker bristles are placed at the tip of the uGlow Cleanse to target oily areas such as the T-zone area, aiding to clear and decongest pores, while thinner bristles provide a gentler but equally effective cleanse to the rest of the face. 

Get glowing with the uGlow Beauty Series

uGlow Beauty Series Set

Get a thorough cleanse and more with the uGlow Cleanse. The uGlow Cleanse retails at €129,00 EUR, or get it in a set with the rest of the uGlow Beauty Series for €299,00 EUR. Visit now and get glowing with the uGlow Cleanse.

uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush 

The uGlow Cleanse uses Glowsonic Cleanse Technology, pulsing up to 6,000 times per minute, effectively removing dirt, oil, and impurities from deep within your skin. 

uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device 

Stretch your skincare further with the uGlow IonCare. Positive ions soothe tense facial muscles and open the pores, while negative ions boost absorption of your favourite toners and serums. 

uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager 

Long hours staring at the screen can lead to tired, puffy eyes. The uGlow Eye uses Sonic Vibration Technology, stimulating blood flow to keep your eyes feeling warm and right. The perfect partner to your eye cream. 

uGlow Mist Portable Facial Humidifier 

Deliver a burst of moisture to your skin on the go with the uGlow Mist. We're all about convenience and function, so you'll love that this handy compact also doubles as a portable power bank.