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Office Chair vs Gaming Chair: What’s the Difference?

Office Chair vs Gaming Chair: What’s the Difference?

While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are many differences between an office chair and a gaming chair.

For one, the first gaming chair was designed by a company which also just happens to manufacture seats for sports cars. So, it's no surprise that this chair had the hallmarks of a racing seat: a tall, winged back, bucket seat, and raised seat edges. Other companies followed suit, producing gaming chairs in variety of striking colours to add some personality to wherever you choose to place it.  

An office chair, on the other hand, is more toned-down. It has a much more muted design to seamlessly blend into the office environment. With built-in ergonomic support and a waterfall seat, office chairs are meant to offer support to the modern day office worker, who spends hours sitting down.

Here’s a lowdown on the most common differences and unique functionalities.

Office chair vs gaming chair feature differences comparison table

These terms are popular in the furniture and chair industry, but let’s go into further details on the specifics to help you figure out which one is more suitable for your in-office, home, or gaming set up.  


    When it comes to material, office chairs and gaming chairs can vary widely.

    Cheaper office chair builds may be made of PVC leather or fabric, while middle to premium options tend to have an airy mesh as the base material. This helps with circulation and to regulate heat, especially when the worker is meant to remain seated and stationary for a long time  

    Gaming chairs are either made of leather or PVC leather. These materials are often more resistant to wear and tear, be it stains or water, making them easy to maintain. It also gives a premium feel and sleek look to the chair.  On the downside, it can trap heat and feel uncomfortable, especially in the summer.  

    Seat type

    Office chairs feature a waterfall seat design, with contours and a slight slope at the front edge of the seat. This helps relieve tension on the lower body and keeps the knees at the recommended 90° angle.

    Gaming chairs use a racer-style, bucket seat design meant to fit one person snugly. The back pad is lowered, and the front is raised for a bucket-like feel. This gives a sensation of being hugged and offers a more immersive gaming experience. 

    Lumbar support

    Office chairs are made for long sitting hours and have built-in lumbar support to keep you sitting right. Higher-end models often have an adjustable backrest to move the lumbar support along the back. They are automatically depth-adjusted based on the user’s weight and how much pressure they push onto the backrest. On the flip side, cheaper models often lack proper lumbar support and can encourage more slouching. 

    While gaming chairs don’t quite offer the same lumbar support that premium office chairs do, they do come with a lumbar cushion for support. This may be more comfortable to certain people as these cushions are made of memory foam and will mould itself to the user’s body. This also provides much more support during prolonged seating than a standard chair.

    The uThrone is ergonomically-designed with gamers in mind. Its lumbar support can be tailored to your unique body, meaning more comfort when you game.

    Angle of recline

    Disc pressure standing vs sitting angle effect table

    Research has shown that contrary to popular belief, sitting upright is not the best position for your back. In fact, a slight recline angle is similar to a standing posture and is ideal to relieve pressure off the spinal discs, effectively reducing back pain.  

    Office chairs offer a decent angle of recline of up to approximately 110°.  

    Gaming chairs can go much further, with some reclining up to even 180°. This is not only great for keeping your back in an ideal position while you game, but also means you can use it for lounging and relaxing. 

    The uThrone comes with a wide-angle reclining function, allowing you to recline up to 145° so you can sit upright comfortably or recline and take a quick nap to recharge as and when you need it. 

    Plus, you can easily lean back for a more intense massage experience!


    Armrest adjustability comparison table

    To ensure maximum comfort, your forearms should lie comfortably on your armrests without hunching up your back or slumping. Therefore, customisable armrests are important as everyone’s body is different and there’s no one size fits all when it comes to armrests.

    Office chairs in the more budget range don’t offer any adjustability, while middle-range options feature 2D armrests. What this means is that the armrests are adjustable in two dimensions, usually referring to the height and angle. Above a certain range, the armrest adjustability also goes up and can even reach 4D. 

    Most gaming chairs come with 2D or 3D armrests, where height, depth, and angle can be adjusted to suit your needs.

    The bottom line

    Both office chairs and gaming chairs have their own pros and cons, with the right one for you depending on your needs.

    Office chair vs gaming chair pros and cons comparison table

    If you are looking to add a dash of personality to your gaming setup or are on a budget, gaming chairs will provide more comfort, support, and customisation options than lower-range office chair models.  

    If aesthetics isn’t as important and most importantly, if you can afford it, premium office chairs offer much more customisation and lumbar support which can make a huge difference if you spend all day in your chair! 

    Get the best of both worlds with the uThrone Gaming Massage Chair

    You don’t have to choose between the two when it comes to the uThrone. A middle ground between a premium gaming chair and a premium office chair, the uThrone offers the best of both worlds plus an additional suite of massage programmes.

    Made of ultra-resistant PVC leatherette, the uThrone comes with soft-to-touch memory foam cushions to mould to the back and provide adequate lumbar support, while also helping to relieve aches from sitting down all day. 

    It almost sounds too good to be true, until you try it for yourself. Get a chair that will support you whenever you work or play.

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