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The Cure for All Your Eye Woes Lies in This Eye Massager

OSIM uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager for Brighter Eyes and Anti-ageing Benefits

It’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. 

Don’t let tired eyes get you down. The OSIM uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager is here to help. 

It helps relieve dry eyes

OSIM uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager Functions Adjustable Vibrations Soothing Warmth and LED Light Therapy

Long hours staring at your screen can lead to eyes drying out and feeling itchy. 

Deliver some much-needed respite to tired eyes with the OSIM uGlow Eye. Its gentle vibrations and soothing warmth can help soften the meibum, the eyes' natural oil barrier that prevents tears from evaporating. This not only feels amazing, but also helps to improve eye moisture levels and alleviate dry eyes. 

Did we mention that its temperature can be adjusted as well? For best results, set the temperature to 38°C to 42°C range depending on your preference. 

It boosts absorption of your eye cream

Woman using OSIM uGlow Eye for targeted eye care, achieve brighter and more beautiful eyes

Love the idea of applying eye cream to your undereye area, but shun the process of having to tap it in? 

The OSIM uGlow Eye has got you covered. With Sonic Vibration Technology, it stimulates micro-tapping motions, pulsing more than 8000 times a minute to help improve eye cream absorption. With three different speeds, the intensity of the pulses can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences. 

Considering the skin around the eyes is so thin, excessive tugging and pulling can also lead to pre-mature wrinkles. The OSIM uGlow Eye  is designed to minimise friction.  It features a smooth, chrome-finish surface that makes it much more gentle for the sensitive skin around the eyes as well! 

The angled tip easily fits into the crevices around the eyes. This makes it easy to manoeuvre around hard-to-reach areas so that absorption is maximised, while avoiding any accidental mishaps such as poking yourself in the eye. 

It can alleviate dark eye circles

Woman with dark eye circles

While eye creams help replenish moisture in the eye area and diminish the appearance of wrinkles, it does moot for dark eye circles. 

This is because the most common culprit behind dark eye circles is poor blood circulation, which is largely affected by your lifestyle. For example, temperature sensitivities, since cold air (such as in air-conditioned environments) hinders proper circulation, as well as inadequate sleep.  

On a side note, investing in an air humidifier, such as the OSIM uMist Dream Ultrasonic Humidifier, can help add a splash of moisture to dry air and prevent further eye problems like dry and itchy eyes. 

The OSIM uGlow Eye can change that by increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your undereye area through its micro-tapping motions. Besides that, it also has LED light therapy which can help improve your stubborn eye circles (more on that below!). 

It acts on your eye concerns from within

OSIM uGlow Eye Product Shot

The OSIM uGlow Eye comes with accompanying LED light therapy also helps to reduce fine lines and premature wrinkles. It aids in increasing skin cells reproduction which promotes a smoother eye area. 

      • Blue Light Therapy (465 - 470nm): Helps to reduce puffiness in the eye area
      • Yellow Light Therapy (585- 595nm): Promotes skin cell regeneration which helps in eliminating dark eye circles 
      • Red Light Therapy (620- 630nm): Stimulates the production of collagen proteins. With more collagen, skin will appear fuller with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

It doubles as a temple massager

The cherry on the top?  

The OSIM uGlow Eye can also be used as a mini massager to soothe any headaches that may pop up throughout the day. 

Adjust the warmth to 43°C to 45°C and start massaging your temples. The pulses, coupled with the warmth, will help release tension and soothe tight muscles in the area for quick and instant relief! 

Plus, it’s tiny and can easily fit into all bags. 

Get glowing with the uGlow Beauty Series Set

uGlow Beauty Series Set in a Bag Product Image

Glowing skin is every girl’s dream, but that doesn’t mean it’s unachievable. Elevate your routine with the OSIM uGlow Eye, retailing at 99 or get it in a set with the rest of the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series Set for 299. Visit now and take your skin to the next level.  

OSIM uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush

The OSIM uGlow Cleanse uses Glowsonic Cleanse Technology, pulsing up to 6,000 times per minute, effectively removing dirt, oil, and impurities from deep within your skin.   

OSIM uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device

Stretch your skincare further with the OSIM uGlow IonCare. Positive ions soothe tense facial muscles and open the pores, while negative ions boost absorption of your favourite toners and serums.   

OSIM uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager

Long hours staring at the screen can lead to tired, puffy eyes. The OSIM uGlow Eye uses Sonic Vibration Technology, stimulating blood flow to keep your eyes feeling warm and right. The perfect partner to your eye cream.   

OSIM uGlow Mist Portable Facial Humidifier

Deliver a burst of moisture to your skin on the go with the OSIM uGlow Mist. We're all about convenience and function, so you'll love that this handy compact also doubles as a portable power bank.  

Glow from within with the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series.