Politique de remboursement

This Returns and Refund Policy (International) (“Policy”) is applicable to products purchased from OSIM International Pte Ltd (Co. Reg. No. 198304191N) (“OSIM” or “we”, “us”, or “our”) via the OSIM’s international website, accessible at https://intl.osim.com/ (“International Website”). All transactions made via this Policy does not apply to any products purchased via any other sales channels or from any seller other than International Website.

OSIM reserves the right to make amendments to this Policy at any time, in OSIM’s sole discretion, by posting any such amendment(s) to the International Website without prior and separate notice.

  1. We may, subject to our discretion and this Policy, allow returns, refunds and exchanges.
  2. OSIM will not accept returns, refunds and exchanges due to change of mind.
  3. Any products purchased via International Website must only be returned, exchanged or refunded to OSIM in Singapore.
  • Exchanges

    • Please note that one-to-one exchanges are subject to stock availability and this Policy, as well as any other terms and conditions that may apply to your purchase of your OSIM product.
    • OSIM may, at OSIM’s sole discretion, allow you to exchange your product for other product(s) of an aggregate value that is equivalent to or lower than the value of your product. However, you will not receive a refund for any difference in value of price between your original purchase and the replacement item(s).
    • Any product that OSIM has allowed you to exchange will not be eligible for further exchanges or refunds unless the exchanged product is damaged/defective or the wrong product had been delivered to you for the exchange.
  • Refunds

    Reporting Of Product Issues And Request For Refunds and Exchanges
    • If you have received the wrong product or the product that you have received is damaged or defective, please report the issue to OSIM by no later than 14 days (including public holidays and weekends) from the date you received your product, based on our tracking records.
    • You must provide us with the tracking details for the returned goods within 7 days of initiating your return. Please do not break any seals, remove any item(s) from their original packaging or use the product or input any data into the product.
    • You may report issues with your product and make a request for refund by contacting us via OSIM Customer Service at globalcs@osim.com.sg
    • OSIM’s customer service team may ask you to provide visual evidence (e.g. photographs or video) of your product in order to process your request for a refund.
    • After you have submitted your request for a refund to OSIM and your request has been proceed by OSIM’s customer service team, OSIM will contact you to arrange for the delivery of your product to OSIM.
    • After your product has been delivered back to OSIM, OSIM is entitled to inspect the product to determine if the product is eligible for exchange or refund.
    • OSIM will notify you if your returned product is ineligible for exchange or refund.
    • If your product is ineligible for exchange or refund, all costs for the delivery of ineligible item(s) back to you must be borne by you.
    • You are responsible for all delivery or shipping fees and costs, save as during the validity period, you inform us in writing about the following conditions:
      • the delivery of the wrong product;
      • the product being defective/damaged.
  • Requirements For Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

    All the following criteria must be fulfilled in order for OSIM to allow you to return your product for a refund or exchange:

    • You must report the issue(s) with your product to OSIM within 14 days (including public holidays and weekends) of your receipt of the product;
    • You must provide OSIM with proof of purchase for your product (for example, your original invoice, or the order number sent to you by email);
    • The product must be in the condition which are eligible for exchange or refund as described in clause 2D. under this policy;
    • You must return the product in its original packaging, without removing any tags, protective film, or stickers present on the product or its packaging;
    • You must return all manuals, accessories, vouchers and any free gifts associated with your purchase;
    • The product must not have been used or installed or had any data inputted;
    • If you are returning your product for a refund or exchange due to your product being faulty or defective, the relevant fault or defect must have been present within 14 days from the date you received your product; and
    • The product is found to be defective or faulty upon inspection by OSIM.
  • Damage Fee

    OSIM may apply damage fee if goods are damaged or missing parts when we receive them. Damages are assessed based on the condition of the goods and returned parts and overall packaging at the time we received them.

  • Condition of Product Eligible For Return and Exchange
    • Must be in excellent condition.
    • Original packaging is not damaged.
    • No missing parts (including any replacement parts that you have received).
    • Completely disassembled (or in original condition as you originally received them). We do not accept partially assemble products.
    • We may reject returns with damaged packaging.
  • Eligible Refund:
    • After the returned goods pass OSIM’s inspection, and the product is eligible for refund, OSIM will initiate a refund to you.
    • Refunds will be via the same payment method used for your original purchase. Refund should be credited to your account within a few days, depending on your bank’s practice.
  • Liability In Shipping

    You are responsible for properly packing and shipping your return products. Please follow our return instructions. We are not responsible for any returns that are lost, damaged or rejected because you did not follow the return instructions.

    Do note that you are responsible for any damage or loss of the goods during the return process. We encourage you to pay for shipping insurance to cover such damage and loss. You are responsible for any insurance claim filing with the carriers.

  • Items Not Eligible For Return, Refund or Exchange
    • OSIM will not provide refunds or replacements for any vouchers, gift cards, discount codes or coupons used in your purchase. OSIM will not provide a refund or replacement for any free gifts or free service add-ons.
    • The following products are strictly not eligible for return, refund or exchange:
      • Unsealed water purifier cartridges, air purifier filters, gel pads, and products due to hygiene concerns; and
      • Display set items.
    • Additionally, OSIM will not allow you to return, refund or exchange any items if:
      • The item has been damaged by misuse;
      • The item has damaged or rendered defective due to the use of the item in a way that is contrary to what is stated in the owner’s manual/operation manual for the OSIM product; or
      • The item was modified, altered or repaired by anyone other than OSIM’s authorised personnel.
    • You are not entitled to any return, exchange or refund of items just because any packaging is damaged in transit. The packaging exists to protect the items themselves, and damage to the packaging does not constitute damage to the product.
    • OSIM will not bear any charges, expenses or costs incurred by customers during the process of return, refund or exchange of products (except as expressly stated otherwise in this Policy).
    • OSIM reserves the right to reject any requests for return, refund or exchange of products that do not comply with this Policy.

To start your request, please download and fill [OSIM Returns Form] and email us at globalcs@osim.com.sg.