L’humidificateur uMist Dream

L’humidificateur uMist Dream d’OSIM, doté de la technologie ultrasonique, crée le niveau d’humidité idéal dans l’air afin de fournir un environnement intérieur hydraté, confortable et plus sain garantissant une bonne nuit de sommeil.

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  • uMist Dream

    Hydrating ultrasonic humidifier for a restful sleep

  • Favorise une meilleure qualité de sommeil, profitez de jusqu’à 8 heures de protection

    Featuring Ultrasonic technology, creates the ideal humidity
    level in the air to provide a hydrated, comfortable
    and healthier indoor environment for a good night's sleep.

    Enjoy up to 8 hrs of protection as you sleep through
    the night and wake-up feeling more refreshed and alert.
    Look forward to greater comfort, improved sleep
    and healthier living as you preserve your body's
    hydration level for better well-being.

  • Technologie ultrasonique à haute performance

    Using ultrasonic sound wave energy to break up water into extremely fine mist, the uMist Dream quickly adds moisture to the air to protect your skin, eyes, throat and nasal passages in dry, air-conditioned or heated rooms.
  • Délicatement petit et portable

    Small and compact, the uMist Dream humidifier can be placed on your bedside table or office desk to keep you protected all day long.
  • Une conception intelligente pour votre confort

    With a rotatable nozzle, you can direct the mist flow towards the direction where you need it most.

    For added convenience, a night light feature gives you easy access to better air quality at all times while a LED indicator prompts you for a refill when water level is low.


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    uMist Dream Humidifier

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    Entrée : 100 240VAC - 50/60Hz Sortie : 24VDC (Veuillez vous assurer que la tension locale du courant alternatif (CA) correspond à la tension spécifiée pour l’utilisation du produit)

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