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Eyelid Twitches and Tired Eyes: How Can an Eye Massager Help?

Woman suffering from eye strain staring long hours at computer screen

Suffering from dry, tired eyes that no amount of sleep can fix? 

You may be suffering from Digital Eye Strain (DES), a group of eye and vision-related problems that arise from long hours of computer, tablet, e-reader, and cell phone use. DES is experienced by at least 50% or more computer users, making it very much a modern-day health problem. 

The simple solution is to cut down on digital device usage, but with the transition to a more digital-heavy lifestyle in both schools and workplaces, it is an impossible task. Thankfully, technology has also given rise to this magical thing known as an eye massager. 

Here are reasons why an eye massager can bring relief to tired eyes and improve your overall well-being. 

    1. It’ll help you sleep better 

    Woman sleeping on bed with the uGalaxy cool mood light setting

    Light exposure is the key factor in determining circadian rhythms, a natural process which affects when you wake up and fall asleep. This is because the hormone melatonin is released in dim light conditions and helps you wind down for the day, putting you in a state of quiet wakefulness.

    Unfortunately, exposure to blue light can disrupt this process, making it much more difficult to doze off at night. 

    The good news? It can be corrected.

    To avoid this, experts recommend putting aside your digital devices 30-minutes before you sleep.

    The bad news? The damage takes some time to reverse itself as the body resets its circadian rhythm, which may lead to a temporary bout of insomnia.

    If you’ve been suffering from sleep deprivation and are looking for a quick fix to catch up on the ZZZs, we’ve got just the thing for you. 

    The uGalaxy Eye Massager is the ultimate relaxation device. Besides a full suite of massage programmes, it also comes with scientifically proven mood lights and music to help with relaxation. Plus, light therapy can help ease insomnia — the cool mood lights in the ‘Relax’ programme will help to calm your senses  and lull you into a more restful sleep. You’ll wake up feeling like a new person. 

    The uGalaxy also comes with two other programmes: 

    • Energise: A combination of cool and warm mood lights to awaken your eyes and begin your day right  
    • Balance: Warm mood lights invigorate the mind for a quick midday pick-me-up 

    2. It’ll provide relief to dry eyes

    Research has shown that blink rate decreases, with reductions of as much as 66%, when looking at digital screens.

    This causes tears to evaporate much faster, leading to dry, itchy eyes.

    Besides this, office and school environments often feature low humidity, air-conditioning, and airborne dust particles, all of which can worsen it. 

    The uVision 3 Eye Massager is specifically made for those with a digital-heavy lifestyle and comes with four programmes to tackle the effects of DES.

    A gentle vibration massage, accompanied by a soothing warmth, softens the meibum, the eyes’ natural oil barrier preventing tear evaporation. This will help improve eye moisture levels and deliver some much-needed relief to dry eyes. 

    3. It can help reduce headaches and eye strain

    Man relaxing with uVision3 with hand massage relief for headaches and tired eyes

    Are headaches and eye strain a common occurrence?  

    They can be caused by glare on the screen, poor lighting in your workspace, improper computer brightness and colour, or a combination of these factors.  

    Take a break with the uVision 3 and ease your headaches with a soothing warmth that’ll envelop your eye area, alleviating any tension and pain.

    A see-through lens means that there’s no downtime, though we encourage you to close your eyes and really relax.  

    Man playing Nintendo Switch while using uVision3 massage

    For tired eyes, an energising vibration massage stimulates circulation around the eye area, relieving built-up tension and revitalising your eyes. 

    Did we mention it’s incredibly easy to use? Toggle between programmes with the touch of a button! 

    P.S. if you find yourself hunched over your computer screen, the root cause of your headache might be your posture and not DES. Set yourself up with a good ergonomic chair and you may find your symptoms diminished. 

    4. It can reverse the signs of ageing

    Woman using uVision Air at home for brighter eyes

    The eyes are the window to the soul and are also the first part of your face to show signs of ageing. Don’t let the stress of daily life get to you — an eye massager can help you beat the clock and look as youthful as ever. 

    The uVision Air Eye Massager comes with 3 specialised programmes for every lifestyle.

    Use the 'Soft' mode to relieve dark eye circles and puffy eyes, or the 'Hard' mode to provide an instant firming and lifting effect to your eye area. Strategically positioned airbags target vital acupressure points to instantly release built-up tensions and prevent wrinkles from forming. 

    The compression massage also helps bring respite to puffy eyes and may decrease the appearance of dark eye circles by boosting blood circulation. 

    Plus, it’s easily foldable and portable, making it great to use on-the-go. 

    Better eye health awaits

    While DES may be inevitable in this day and age, you don’t need to suffer in silence. Pick up one of our award-winning eye massagers and experience instant relief.

    OSIM Eye Massager Comparison Table uGalaxy uVision Air uVision 3 uMask

    uGalaxy Eye Massager

    Providing optimum solution for the tender care and well-being of your eyes, the uGalaxy  the world's first eye massager with mood lights — is a new generation eye massager that utilises scientifically-proven mood light, music, warmth, airbag, and vibration massage to help relieve headaches, insomnia, eyebags and everyday eye fatigue.

    uVision Air Eye Massager

    Designed to be part of your daily eye care routine, the uVision Air gives you brighter and healthier eyes. It uses airbag massage and soothing warmth to target common eye concerns such as dark circles, fine lines, and dry eyes.

    uVision 3 Eye Massager

    Out-recover your opponents and relieve digital eye strains with deeper sleep using the the uVision 3. Four massage programs with vibration and warmth soothe your fatigued eyes, so you can be laser-focused on the game right in front of you.

    uMask Eye Massager

    Designed with your well-being and eye care in mind, the uMask pampers your eyes with gentle vibration massage for brighter looking eyes anytime, anywhere.

    Shop at today.