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6 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day (Psst, She Doesn’t Really Want Flowers)

Mother and Daughter Present Mother's Day 2022

What are you getting mum for Mother’s Day this year? If you haven’t already gotten a gift, we’ve got some suggestions. From our well-loved massage chairs to innovative beauty devices, there’s something on this list for just about every mum out there.

For massage-loving mums

Woman sitting on uThrone gaming and relaxing

If she’s popping into the massage parlour almost every other weekend, maybe it’s time to invest in a good and durable massage chair.  

Gone are the days where massage chairs are big and clunky. As much a statement piece as it is a massage chair, the uThrone Gaming Massage Chair is both sleek and stylish, not to mention ergonomic as well. 

The uThrone uses OSIM’s signature V-Hand™ Massage Technology, which emulates the agile handgrip of a professional masseuse. A quick session on this chair will easily extract deep seated knots, especially those in the neck and shoulder. No more pain, only great relief whenever she needs it most. 

Plus, just think about how much money you’ll help mum save in the long run. 

For mums who can't stop watching dramas 

Woman sitting on sofa using uCozy 3D for back massage

When she’s not cooking, she’s staring at her tablet or phone screen.  

There’re always mums out there who can’t get enough of dramas, and your mum might be one of them. She might look fine, but the long hours spent craning her neck over those tiny screens or slouching on the sofa can get uncomfortable at times (lumbar health is key at any age!). 

Thankfully, it’s nothing the uCozy 3D Neck & Shoulders Massager can’t take care of. 

Small and compact, the uCozy 3D is designed for targeted pain relief. Easily slot it in between tense spots and relieve muscle aches wherever they arise. The uCozy 3D is the ultimate solution for drama-induced pains. It’s no wonder it’s so popular amongst our customers. 

For sporty mums 

Mum using uPulse Mat leg massage

She’s the one that wakes up early and spends her mornings at Zumba with the girls. She's also probably fitter than you. 

If your mum is your fitspo, it also means she battles with Delayed Onset Muscle Syndrome (DOMS), aka that oh-so-familiar yet nasty ache you get the day after a hard workout. We don’t know about you, but that’s something we won’t want our mums to contend with. 

Utilising Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), the uPulse Mat EMS Leg Massager delivers bioelectrical pulses akin to those generated by our body to stimulate muscle contraction, stimulating and massaging muscles from within. With 15 levels of intensity, it can easily be adjusted to fit her comfort level and needs. No need to fumble around — everything is easily controlled with a single remote. 

Research has shown that EMS can offer pain relief from DOMS, as well as help with the toning of legs. 

For mums who adore spa day 

Woman using uGlow Eye Massager for eye massage

You don’t need to be spending big amounts on luxury skincare lines to give mum the gift of glowing skin. In fact, we’ve got something even better.  

The uGlow Facial Beauty Series Set is a 4-step beauty routine that will buffer against her skincare concerns like eye bags, fine lines, and wrinkles. Consisting of the uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush, uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device, uGlow Eye Massager, and uGlow Mist Portable Facial Humidifier, this set has found its place into the hearts of beauty enthusiasts. Not only will she get to stretch her (pricey) skincare further, but it will also have her skin looking brighter and more radiant than ever. 

The uGlow Set has received rave reviews from beauty publications like Nylon, Daily Vanity, and GirlStyle, so it’s not just us who thinks that this set is a must-have. 

For mums with limited space constrains  

OSIM uPamper Lite Handheld Massager Mother's Day Gift 2022

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get mum a massager, but the lack of space prevents you from doing so.  

Don’t let that stop you! Massagers come in all shapes and sizes, and the uPamper Lite Handheld Massager is mini but mighty. Using Ultra-Hand Tap massage technology, it offers quick and speedy relief, loosening tight muscles when the need arises. 

Use it anywhere — its ergonomic design can reach hard-to-reach areas, especially the back. It’s also portable, so it’s easily shareable with her circle of friends as well (they’ll love you for it)!  


With these products, relief isn’t too far off. Convenient, easy to use, and great for soothing aches and pains, these products are sure to bring a smile to her face this Mother’s Day. 

Shop now at intl.osim.com this Mother’s Day and show your mum some well-deserved rest and relaxation.