OSIM uThrone S
Gaming Chair with
Customisable Massage

Power seat for every battle

Carrying your team to victory can take time, so take comfort in having the uThrone S as your trusty sidekick to enjoy prolonged gaming sessions in complete relaxation.

Take charge now with the uThrone S.

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Unrivalled comfort, customized for you

Supercharge your gaming experience with ergonomic comfort and massage. Scale the leaderboard as you sit in the comfort of an invigorating massage.

uVision 3
for eyes

uCozy 3D
for next & shoulders

uPulse Mat
for legs

In-Built seat vibration
for full body rejuvenation

* Customize uThrone S with masage accessories that are sold separately

Your best gaming sidekick

Sitting still for a prolonged period in front of the screen can affect our physical and mental health. With the vibration massage feature in uThrone S, now you can score on the battlefield while making sure that your well-being is taken care of. 

Vibration MassageComfort
3 levels of intensityErgonomic designs, adjustable chair features, lumbar cushion

Vibration intensity

Select vibration intensity with the control buttons at the side of the seat.

Vibration Modes

• High (2350 rpm)

• Low (1850 rpm)

• Auto (1850 - 2350 rpm)

Relieves lower body achesAlleviates
blood circulation

Built for unparalleled gaming comfort

From customizable seat and back support, to being able to enjoy a full reclined power nap or mobile game session - the ergonomically-designed uThrone S gives you free reign to customize your seat preferences, setting a new standard for gaming comfort.
Reclining function

Designed to support wide-angle reclining (up to 155°), enjoy a cozy mobile game on the uThrone S or a quick shut eye before matches so you can stay refreshed for the next gaming session.

Multi-tilt mechanism

Build for customizable comfort, the multi-tilt mechanism in uThrone S allows you to find your favourite sitting angle, so you can have the physical support you need offline to score big in your online gaming.

Adjustable height

With a seat that is adjustable up to 9.5cm in height, the hydraulic gas pistons of uThrone S are rigorously-tested for maximum stability and peace of mind.

Lumbar cushion

We have your back - literally, while you game. The lumbar cushion provides sufficient support to your spine for maximum comfort to sweeten your gaming experience.

Seat designed for better support

The uThrone S can be adjusted fully upright for an ideal sitting posture, and it also features an angular seat design to maximise contact between the seat and your thigh and knee - ensuring adequate support for extended sitting hours. Now, you can play for the long haul comfortably with ease.

Adjustable Gaming Armrest

The soft PU gaming armrest of uThrone S provide 4-directional adjustments and can also be aligned to table height so you can rest your hands comfortably for a long gaming session

Up & down

Adjustments up to 8cm

Front & back

Adjustments up to 5.5cm

Side to side

Adjustments up to 1.3cm

Swivel left or right

Adjustments up to 20° to the 
left or right

Customizable massage experience

The uThrone S elevates the gaming experience through thoughtful design features built to support gamers in their conquests. Customize with various OSIM massage product add-ons to the uThrone S for battles to be won in absolute physical bliss and comfort.

uVision 3

Comes with 4 vibration massage programs to sooth fatigue eyes. The uVision3 can also be secured on the uThrone S side hook.

uCozy 3D

A dual-directional 3D kneading massage powers up through the uThrone S charging port, and can be secured onto the uThrone S adjustable back strap.

uPulse Mat

A stimulating muscle contraction that helps tone your legs and maintain muscle mass when you sit for prolonged periods.

uMist Dream

Creates the ideal humidity level in your environment for a healthier gaming session.


Features for
Gaming Massage Needs

1. Adjustable Back Strap
Attach your uCozy 3D to the adjustable back strap and adjust it to your preferred height, from neck to lumbar.

Features for
Gaming Massage Needs

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Features for
Gaming Massage Needs

3. Head massage
To de-stress and soothe headaches


uThrone S is designed for comfort, relaxation and durability. It aims to tackle pain points of prolonged sitting. Each aspect of the chair has gone through rigorous amount of testing to ensure that it is of industry standards, so you can sit back and relax in your uThrone S.

16 Intertek Furniture Testing & Certification Standards*

Our uThrone S has been certified according to the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA) standards, the leading authority in furniture comfort, safety and durability

Interteck Furniture Testing & Ceritification Standards:

• Structural Durability Test

• Load Test

• Performance Test

• Destruction Test

* Intertek Test Report Number: SHAH01223792S1

Quality certification

Use breathable PVC woven leather and suede. Has obtained Japanese BOKEN quality standard certification*.



High resistance to humidity and light

The formaldehyde content meets the Japanese infant product standards *BOKEN Test Report Number: 61021011177-1, 61021011220-1, 61021011179-1, 61021011219-1.


uThrone S has been certified according to BIFMA standards, the leading authority in furniture comfort, safety and durability.


Its upholstery have undergone quality tests by BOKEN (Japan's leading comprehensive testing organization for textile and lifestyle goods).


The hydraulics has undergone rigorous durability tests and has received certification from globally recognized organization like Intertek.

OSIM uThrone S Gamming Chair with Customisable Massge

Supercharge your gaming experience with ergonomic comfort and massge




uThrone S

Model Number


Adaptor input

240V ~ 50/60Hz

12V--- 5A

Power Consumption


Auto Timer

15 minutes

Armrest extension for height

8 cm


Gross Weight: Approx. 31.5 kg

Net Weight: Approx. 26.5 kg

Reclining Angle

Approx 145 degree

Seat extension for height



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