" It's taking OSIM's Massage chair heritage and applying four discrete rollers to your aching spine. It's taking OSIM's Massage chair heritage and applying four discrete rollers "
“...Liberate your muscles and your aim will follow”
“…….the most interesting gaming accessory Acer announced today is its new gaming chair.”
“And if you want to get extra comfortable, users can also lie back in the uThrone at a 145-degree angle.”
“While there are plenty of brands out there touting different features and innovations, perhaps none will come close…”
“Not Just Any Massage Chair”
“The World’s First Gaming Massage Chair”
“But perhaps none of them will ever be as comfortable to sit on…”
" The nodes and rollers are pre-programmed to move in a variety of ways and are specifically tailored to provides relief for a gamer’s back."
"The massage offered by the uThrone is energetic and unties the knots as quickly as a professional."
"The uThrone Gaming Massage Chair is a really excellent gaming chair that has an extraordinary unique selling point with its massage function."
"At first glance, the chair looks like it... A THRONE! The rollers and massage arms are simply amazing. You push and knead."
"OSIM uThrone gaming chair is an absolute highlight and we look forward to a cool massage plus excellent seating quality every day."
"...top-quality chair that promises a long service life, but also a complete pampering program for which you don't even have to leave the house...takes us to seventh heaven."
"High-quality workmanship, integrated massage functions and impressively comfortable cushions - the uThrone gaming massage chair from OSIM combines all of this."
"This gaming chair is intended to give you ultimate relaxation. The massage position can be determined with a built-in remote control on the right armrest of the chair"
"For the few gamers who can't resist getting a full massage while playing their favourite game, the uThrone is a surprisingly competent option"
"If you like its aesthetics, you want a chair to play during long sessions and, in addition, you fancy a massage: the Osim uThrone is your ideal model"
If you’re looking for a stylish-looking office chair with the best massage functionality that money can buy, then the OSIM uThrone is a solid choice.
"...the actual massage function does exactly what I needed it to, and feels like a luxurious thing to have as part of your gaming setup."
"The massage is exceptional : intense, strong, decisive, it feels real...it gives that classic sensation of lightness you feel when you leave the wellness centres."
"So if you are enthusiastic about gaming feeling and massages, you will get a good compromise for a fair price."