OSIM uThrone Gaming Massage Chair

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Gaming Comfort
Like No Other

Ergonomically designed, the uThrone is specially engineered with gamers in mind.

Buffed with adjustable chair features, it ensures tip top gaming posture with maximum comfort. uThrone is your ultimate weapon for personalized comfort and prolonged gaming.


"I know $900 for a massaging gaming chair is absurd, but trying it made me a believer”

- PC Gamer

"And if you want to get extra comfortable, users can also lie back in the OSIM at a 145-degree angle."

- IGN Southeast Asia

"This has speakers built in to it. I mean of course you would have that if you're talking about the ultimate gaming chair... This is the real deal.""

- Unbox Therapy



Level up your game with
comfort and massage

Rounds of intense gaming can cause your body to be

tense for a prolonged period, resulting in body pains that

effect your gaming performance. Maximise your resting

time in between and after your game sessions with a

soothing massage like no other.

Experience Ultimate Comfort

V-Hand™ Technology

  • Emulates the skillful techniques and flexibility of a masseuse's hands
  • 360° massage rollers to roll along your neck & shoulder contour
  • Delivers a targeted neck & shoulder massage for effective pain relief

Versatile and Dynamic

Shoulder GRIP – Realistic hand-grip massage to relieve stiff

neck and muscle knots. Rolls along neck and shoulder contours

to target pain points, ease tension and strain effectively.

Lumbar PRESS – Glides and presses along the lumbar to relieve

back pain. Relaxing massage to target lower back stiffness and

alleviate back soreness from prolonged sitting.

Regenerate faster with specialized massage programs

Prolonged gaming or sitting in a tense or poor posture can cause body aches. Activate professional massage programs and quickly recover your body condition
Recommended massage program: Energize

Gaming often involved high levels of stress, causing muscles being tensed up, resulting in body aches.

Recommended massage program: Energize. Invigorating massage to stimulate and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Recommended massage program: Neck & Shoulders

Long hours of gaming cause body to be immobile, leading to neck & shoulder aches.

Recommended massage program: Neck & Shoulders. Intense kneading on the neck & shoulder area to relieve muscle pains, a common concern among gamers.

Recommended massage program: Lumbar

Prolonged sitting while gaming, causing lower back pain. 

Recommended massage program: Lumbar. Targeting the lower back, this popular program is ideal for relieving a tired and tensed back.

Personalised Massage Comfort

Adjustable shoulder position

With 6 shoulder positions to choose from, to suit all different body height.

Dynamic massage positions

Adjust massage rollers to any area of the back to effectively target any specific pain points.

Agile massage techniques

Easily customize kneading, tapping and rolling massage to your liking.

Discrete and minimal

Concealed Control Panel

The stealthily concealed control panel on your right armrest

minimises wires and accidental button hitting, while giving

you manual control over your favourite auto programs or

DIY your massage preference with ease.

Crisp and clear

Immersive Bluetooth Speakers

Equipped with 2 premium sound speakers so you can

listen to the sounds of victory when you are gaming

or resting.

Customisable Ergonomic Comfort

Lean back & recline up to 145°

Wide-angle reclining function lets you recline to the best comfort angle as you take a quick nap to recharge, and knock out any fatigue.

Adjustable armrests

Rest your hands on soft PVC armrests that are adjustable up to 6cm, allowing your hand to rest comfortably on the armrest that is aligned with the table height, so you’re attack-ready every time.

Silent PU castors

The 5-legged nylon legs are equipped with silent castors to let you easily roll the chair around.

Adjustable height

The rigorously-tested robust hydraulics gas piston (EN 16955) are certified to ensure consistency and stability every time you sit.

Cool Headrest And Lumbar Cushion

Cool Headrest And Lumbar Cushion With soft-to-touch memory foam cushions, they provide sufficient support to the neck, shoulders and lumber for maximum comfort.

Utmost Safety

Rigorously Tested and Certified

Our OSIM uThrone Gaming Massage Chair has been certified

according to the Business and Institutional Furniture

Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA) standards, the leading

authority in furniture comfort, safety and durability*

Interteck Furniture Testing & Ceritification Standards:

• Structural Durability Test

• Load Test

• Performance Test

• Destruction Test

* Intertek Test Report Number: SHAH01223792S1

Premium Leather

The PVC Leatherette using on our uThrone have undergone

quality certification test by BOKEN.* (Japan’s leading testing

organization for textile and lifestyle goods)

Durable, Dirt-resistant
Pliable, Water-resistant
High resistance to humidity and light


The PVC leatherette using on our

OSIM have undergone quality 

certification test by BOKEN.* 

(Japan’s leading testing

 organization for textile and 

lifestyle goods)

Our OSIM has been certified

 according to the Business and

 Institutional Furniture

 Manufacturer's Association 

(BIFMA) standards, the leading

 authority in furniture comfort,

safety and durability.*

Certified by Intertek Testing

 Services to ensure the highest

 standards of product integrity and


Hydraulics gas piston

Certified by TUV SUB

EN 16955.

Product Specifications




Model Number


Adaptor input

240V ~ 50/60Hz

Adaptor output

24V --- 2.5A

Power Consumption


Auto Timer

15 minutes

Armrest extension for height

6.5 cm


Gross Weight: Approx. 34 kg

Net Weight: Approx. 27.5 kg

Reclining Angle

Approx 145 degree

Seat extension for height



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World's First Gaming Massage Chair. 

899,00 €
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