uGlow Beauty Series Set of 4

Get the full uGlow Beauty Set all at a discounted price! Enhance your skincare routine with uGlow Beauty Series

The 4-step uGlow Beauty Series is specially designed to work with your beauty routine to maximize your skincare product effects.

1. uGlow Cleanse : Ultimate cleanser

2. uGlow IonCare : Toner and Serum, nourish from within

3. uGlow Eye : Boost eye cream effects + Massage

4. uGlow Mist : Extra hydration + portable charger

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  • For cleaner and healthier skin

    The first step of getting clear, beautiful skin is through a good cleansing routine. The OSIM uGlow Cleanse and its GlowSonic Cleanse Technology treats your skin to a gentle cleansing experience, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing.

  • uGlow Cleanse - Facial Cleansing Brush

    OSIM uGlow Cleanse helps you to thoroughly and gently wash away all dirt and oil to unclog your pores, for cleaner skin.

    Cleansing tips:

    • Use thicker silicone bristles area to target oilier T-zone area & the finer bristles for rest of the face
    • The silicone material ensures it stays odor-free
    • Ergonomically designed handle for easy maneuvering on hard-to-reach areas, i.e. sides of nose
  • Skin-deep cleansing and nourishing

    For skin that is glowing from the inside out, look to OSIM uGlow IonCare to cleanse your skin from within, boost skincare product absorption and relax all those tensed facial muscles. 

  • uGlow IonCare - Galvanic Facial Device

    Deeply cleanses, and nourishes the skin from within - it is your skincare essential to luminous, glowing skin. Warmth program: Warmth effect; micro-vibration to soothe tense facial muscles, open up your pores, plus negative ions to further promote absorption and hydration.
  • Galvanic IonCare Technology - Cleanse program

    - Emits positive ions & with pulsing micro-vibration
    - Draw out negatively charged skin deep impurities
    - Skin is then thoroughly cleansed from within
  • Galvanic IonCare Technology - Nourish program

    - Emits negative ions & with micro-vibration
    - Push skincare ingredients into deeper skin layers
    - Skincare products are better absorbed, maximizing effects
  • Brighter and younger looking eyes

    Reverse those visible first signs of aging around your eyes with the OSIM uGlow Eye. Its Sonic Vibration Technology dimishes eye bags, fine lines, and dark eye circles to restore the youth in your eyes. 

  • uGlow Eye -Beauty Eye Massager

    Tackle and diminish the first signs of aging like fine lines and dark eye circles. uGlow Eye targets 3 major eye concerns
    • Eye bags
    • Wrinkles & fine lines
    • Dark eye circles
  • Instant hydration boost for your skin

    Give your skin the extra hydration it needs and restore skin radiance with the OSIM uGlow Mist. Its Ultrasonic Mist technology emits fine mist to increase skin moisture levels to prevent signs of premature aging caused by dry, dehydrated skin.
  • uGlow Mist - Portable Facial Humidifier

    Environmental factors like dry weather or air-con room can lead to skin drying out and losing its elasticity, causing dullness. The OSIM uGlow Mist delivers an immediate boost of hydration to restore skin radiance whenever you need.
    Why is hydration so important?
    - Keep face looking plump, thus youthful & glowing
    - Regulate sebum production
    - Reduce likelihood of cracked skin, inflammations & itchy feeling
    - Help to prevent wrinkles

  • Glow on the go

    Perfect for the modern ladies, the uGlow Eye and uGlow Mist fit perfectly in your handbag for your on the go beauty needs.
    Beauty massage everywhere

    - uGlow Eye Sonic Vibration acts as a vibration massage to soothe tension headaches
    - For on the go facial lifting for V-shaped face & brighter eyes
    - All-day moisture boost
    - Keep uGlow Mist in your handbag to maintain facial hydration anywhere you are
    - Double up as a portable power bank


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