uPulse Mat EMS Leg Massager

Relax and tone your legs in one step

The bioelectrical pulses generated by OSIM uPulse Mat combats various leg problems, by offering pain relief, improving local blood circulation, toning leg muscles and reducing muscle recovery time. 

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  • uPulse Mat EMS massage technology

    Utilizing Electrical Muscle Stimulation, uPulse Mat delivers bioelectrical pulses akin to those generated by our body to stimulate muscle contraction to deliver a muscle-deep invigorating massage.
    EMS massage pulses can pass through your skin and directly stimulate and massage your muscles from within.

Relax & tone your legs

Bioelectrical pulses offer pain relief, improve local blood circulation, tone leg muscles and reduce muscle recovery time.

Replaceable mat

The main control unit can be detached to allow the mat to be replaced.

Wireless remote

Easily adjust programs, intensity levels or turn off uPulse Mat without the need to bend over.

Ultra light and portable

Weighing less than 120g, you can bring it with you everywhere.

Non-adhesive mat

Unlike generic pulse massagers, the non-adhesive mat is more sanitary and easier to clean.

2 Auto Programs

The two auto massage programs Relax and Tone Up are designed to cater to your differing needs.

Adjustable intensity

with 15 levels of intensity, easily adjust it to cater to your needs. 

USB charging

Features micro USB charging for wireless usage and portability.


  • Model

    uPulse Mat

  • Model number


  • USB Input

    5V --- 2A

  • Intensity adjustment

    1 (Low) - 15 (High)

  • Weight

    Gross weight - Approx. 395g Net weight - Approx. 152g